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The New Brunswick Hospice Palliative Care Association - L'Association de soins palliatifs du Nouveau-Brunswick

Palliative Care for the Deaf Community:

NELS ICE Investigator, Victor Maddalena, has conducted research on palliative care in Newfoundland's deaf community. One of the outcomes of the research, based on the feedback from the Deaf community, was the need for more information accessibility for Deaf people (and their caregivers) on navigating through the maze of terminal illness and end of life.

As a result, a video was created in American Sign Language (and voice) that walks through the steps of getting the diagnosis, treatment options, palliative care, death and bereavement care. The intro video can be viewed on the NELS homepage:, and all parts of the video can be found on a YouTube Channel:


Soins palliatifs pour la communauté sourde :

Vidéos sur YouTube - DeafPalliativeCare's Channel